Welcome to the Website for Erin Kettle, author of Curtain Rising and American Honey. Come take a look, browse, and let’s connect!

Curtain Rising

When Missy stumbles upon evidence of her adoption, she implores her father to disclose the truth. Jack, a top Manhattan criminal attorney, has kept the adoption secret for 25 years, and for good reason—people’s lives will be at stake if the facts are revealed.

With the help of a neighbor, Cole, a gorgeous and talented Broadway star, Missy is determined to find her mother. She must decide if discovering the truth will set her free, or if this is the final act.


American Honey 

American Honey weaves together a journey in two timelines about coming-of-age, leaving your past behind, and then recapturing it.

Sandy Jo’s childhood best friend calls and begs her to return to their favorite childhood ranch in Texas, to confront their friend’s mysterious disappearance all those years ago. If Sandy Jo is ever going to put back the pieces of her life, she must learn the truth about what happened that summer at the ranch.

The ranch

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