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The great lengths a father goes to protect his daughter from the past,

and what bonds are worth breaking to discover the truth.

Missy stumbles upon evidence in her father’s office that she was secretly adopted, yet Jack swears to whiskey in hand, that he doesn’t know anything about her real mom. Missy realizes that finding her real mother could solve the sometimes-aching void throbbing in her chest. Despite it all, her father is clear that he won’t help.

Only one person is willing to help: Missy’s neighbor, Cole, a gorgeous and talented Broadway star. A chance meeting on their opposing fire escapes quickly turns into something more intense than Missy’s ever known. As they dig to expose the connection between her birth mother and adoptive father, Jack’s life unravels. Her father’s usual clever strategies turn into one abrupt bad decision after another, as though he’s running out of time. Jack alludes that the truth may put their lives at risk, however this is Missy’s chance to take back her life, and live by her own rules for once.

TU Cover


Picture book by Harper Patterson & Erin Kettle

Some kids are frightened of bugs, but Witchbugs are not like all bugs.

For the first time ever, seven-year-old Sienna Witchbug is old enough to go through the portal in Whisper Village, through to the human world below, as long as she follows one rule according to Mama Witchbug: no magic. Ever since their Uncle Witchbug never came back through the portal, Witchbugs have been afraid to let humans see their magic. Sienna Witchbug sees a young girl who is sad because her family hasn’t grown enough crops for their farm stand. Sienna is astounded. Witchbugs don’t know hunger; they’ve always used magic to replenish food. Sienna thinks maybe they could help.

Maybe Witchbugs and people can help each other.

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