What is Immersion?

I’m reading this volleyball book that’s written for my 7th grader, and it talks about all of the stages of fear to anger, and it’s so interesting.

It makes me so interested to think about what we do in life, work and with our kids when we decide it’s all or nothing. Before I went freelance, I struggled with not doing all or nothing. Looking back, I wonder who that person was and how she lost her way. Yet, I work with some exciting clients, and I feel that same pull. Is it completion? Success? Either way, I’m happy to be at a different crossroads than what I was before.

I look at my daughters and see the same struggle. I don’t want my kids to fall to the same people pleaser mentality that our generation did. One is an empath and one is a teenager so…what’s that? Unhappy? Kidding.

My husband has decided he needs to do daily cold plunges in our tub. And we’re buying bags of ice to make this happen. I mean, it’s good…no I’m sure it is. To hear some solid research, listen to the Huberman lab.

I guess I just falter in that everything in moderation.