About Erin


Since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with great books and movies that can bring the love and hatred of relationships to life. I probably reenacted some of the worst dramatic relationship scenarios from your favorite book/move in real life (that’s how we learn, right? Right?). Poetry and fiction were always a part of who I was and how I expressed myself, no matter what my career was at the time.

Writing “American Honey” has been such an exciting journey. The book is mainly based at a fictional ranch in Texas, which is nostalgic to me because I also vacationed at a ranch elsewhere growing up, and experienced the same thrill of freedom. I had a great time creating these characters and bringing them to life with a similar sensation for a backdrop.

“Curtain Rising” is a father and daughter’s journey in pursuit of the past. Even Manhattan’s top criminal attorney can’t hide the truth from his daughter that Missy was secretly adopted, and that much of her life has been for show. Her father, Jack is hiding something, but it’s not what she thinks.

Most recently, I was a key spokesperson for NIKE, Inc. writing statements, press releases and speaking points with executives, athletes and influentials. Prior to my career in communications, I wrote for several publications as part of their editorial staff including The New Yorker, BRIDE’S Magazine and GQ.

When not writing or consulting, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and trying to catch my two little girls and two dogs, as they run circles around me.

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