Curtain Rising

Curtain Rising complete at 105,000 words, is women’s fiction, weaving together a father’s cover up and a daughter’s pursuit of her past.

When Missy stumbles upon evidence of her adoption, she implores her father to disclose the truth. Jack, a top Manhattan criminal attorney, has kept the adoption secret for 25 years, and for good reason—people’s lives will be at stake if the facts are revealed.

All the while Missy’s family and friends beg her to let the quest go and simply find happiness with her prearranged silver spoon life, a desirable Manhattan address and an executive job. But Missy’s beyond listening to reason—she deserves answers.

With the help of Missy’s neighbor Cole, a gorgeous and talented Broadway star, she’s determined to find her mother. But the pieces aren’t adding up and her dad’s past clients, often described as the seedy underbelly of the city, are a little too involved in their family’s life.

Missy must decide if discovering the truth will set her free, or if this is the final act.