The Unwinding

*The Unwinding is a family love story with bonds that break.

Missy stumbles upon evidence in her father’s office that she’s adopted, yet Jack swears to whiskey in hand that he doesn’t know anything about her real mom. An aching void stirs in Missy’s heart by the possibility of having a mother figure. Despite it all, her father is clear that he won’t help her find her real mom. Maybe he can, but won’t?

Jack is a man with a plan and Missy’s hero. A top criminal attorney in Manhattan, he’s a single widower and a loving, yet demanding father to Missy and her brother. Missy lost her adoptive mother to cancer at seven years old, and from then on, her dad’s idea of love shifts to one of determination. To ensure an illustrious life for his children, Jack carefully curates their livelihoods, clad with penthouses and executive jobs. But his silence and determination to keep Missy in the dark about her birth mother spark suspicions. Alone, Missy must peel apart the obscure layers of their family to find her mom, no matter what’s underneath. And what will she do with the lonely whispers that linger at night: What happens when I get to the end of this story? Who am I when it’s all unwound?

Only one person is willing to listen: Missy’s neighbor, Cole, a gorgeous and talented Broadway star. A chance meeting on their opposing fire escapes quickly turns into something more intense than Missy’s ever known. As they dig to expose the connection between her birth mother and adoptive father, Jack’s life unravels. Her father’s usual clever strategies turn into one abrupt bad decision after another, as though he’s running out of time. Jack alludes that the truth may put their lives at risk, however this is Missy’s chance to take back her life, and live by her own rules for once.

*THE UNWINDING, previously titled CURTAIN RISING, was selected in 2017 for “Query Kombat” and “Nightmare on Query Street.” This past year I had the opportunity to do a complete revision.