A Witchbug Purpose

Witchbugs are tiny bugs, with BIG magic.

When Sienna Witchbug wakes up on Sunday, she has no idea she’d break the rules. Sienna is finally old enough to go through the poral in Whisper Village, through to the human world below. But she must follow the rules according to Mama Witchbug; no magic. Ever since their Uncle Witchbug never returned from the portal, Witchbugs have been afraid to let humans see their magic. When Sienna Witchbug sees how sad a girl is that her family hasn’t grown enough crops for their farm stand, she is astounded. Witchbugs don’t know hunger; they’ve always used magic to replenish food. Sienna thinks maybe she could help.

Maybe Witchbugs and people can help each other.

A WITCHBUG PURPOSE is a picture book written by my nine-year-old daughter, Harper Patterson, and me. Harper is a lover of all animals but is not fond of bugs. So, we created Witchbug.

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