American Honey

Come visit the Red Retriever Ranch and unwind…

AMERICAN HONEY is women’s fiction, weaving together a journey in two timelines about coming-of-age, leaving your past behind, and then recapturing it.

Sandy Jo thought if she didn’t escape Texas and her controlling mama after high school, she’d lose her soul.

After being dumped by her boyfriend and best friend in New York, at twenty-seven, she’s realizing she feels more lost than when she left. Meanwhile, Sandy Jo’s childhood best friend calls and begs her to return to their favorite ranch in Texas, to confront their friend’s mysterious disappearance all those years ago, and the discovery of her body weeks later.

Hoping to find herself again, Sandy Jo revisits Texas, and tries to recapture a time when she and her teenage friends lived life and confronted raw sexuality. However, a surprise visit from Sandy Jo’s mama compels her to address family secrets, reclaim her life, and decide if a cowboy is worth her career.

Authors that have influenced my writing include Meg Wolitzer (The Interestings) for her characterization of uncomfortable events that occur when you’re young; Rebecca Wells (Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood) for her mother/daughter struggles revealing how you can still love someone when they’re awful; and Stephen King (The Body) who inspired me to write my own coming of age journey—about young girls/one boy in pursuit of fun come across a series of issues from sex, abuse, death, friendship, and love. AMERICAN HONEY also explores similar themes as the movie Sweet Home Alabama, escaping, and ultimately returning to, your roots.

Check out the next page to learn more about my latest project, “Curtain Rising.”

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