The Sweet Sound of Snoring

There are so many sounds that bring a smile to my face and a sense of nostalgia:

The sounds of little children giggling warms my heart. Alternatively, there’s nothing so sacred than absolute quiet. Not a sound.

This morning I realized I love the sounds of breakfast cooking, when you’re not the one cooking it!

At night as I hear the train’s whistle blowing, it feels like a daily reminder of something so industrial and romantic to me.

But one sound that I was so shocked to hear and love, was the sweet sound of my youngest daughter snoring. There is something so innocent and pure about that sound, it’s almost like a pur.

When she was an infant, I didn’t realize how thankful I would feel for the reminder that she was okay as she slept. And now today, as she’s older, I still hear the loud purring sounds of her snore and it makes me smile. I hope to imprint that sound in my heart.

Now if I could just get the pug to not snore so loudly, I could get some sleep!


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