Life is Sweet, Make it Sweeter

I wanted to say, life is short. Sometimes too short. We never know how long we have on earth and sometimes we’re so sucked into the day-to-day ramblings, that we forget to take a pause, or a time out (as my daughter would say, though her time outs are a little different…).

A neighbor that I met through a writing event last summer was literally blogging  less than a month ago about being thankful, and an hour later, she and her husband were hit by a car while crossing the street.

My daughters and I just so happened to be driving by, what had to be moments after the accident, and saw a fire truck and ambulances. Not much happens in our smaller town that sits adjacent to Portland, so traffic slowed. My girls were peppering me with questions, “what happened? was it a person? will they be okay?”

I could see EMT crouching over someone in the middle of the road/cross walk and all I could think was that hopefully someone just felt faint, nothing more. As we drove on, I told my girls to say a little prayer that they’re okay, and we went on about our evening.

Last weekend, I opened the newspaper and my neighbor is on the front page, telling her story about how an elderly man hit her and her husband with his car, and by the grace of God, they survived.

The feelings are overwhelming…and I couldn’t believe we drove right past her. It seems like we should’ve been able to do something to help. She and her husband have a long recovery ahead of them, but she gets to spend more time with her family and friends.

She will no doubt appreciate life differently. It shouldn’t take something horrific to make the rest of us stop, take a moment and hug those close. Maybe smell the flowers.


5 thoughts on “Life is Sweet, Make it Sweeter

  1. Make every moment count… this is a lesson I’ve learned over the last year. I feel it’s being pounded into me, and it’s why you’ll often find me with my #1k1hr or my 20w2min. Or whatever it happens to be. There are too many reasons to NOT waste time. 🙂 Thank God your friends are alive to see the next sunrise!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Loved this post, Erin. A friend of mine recently died–not even 40–and it not only broke my heart but also made me re-realize how incredible each day is. So glad that your neighbors made it and have more time to enjoy life. Thanks for sharing this!


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