Role model

In the wake of the recent Josh Duggar news, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that there was news that his wife, Anna, would likely stay with him. It’s not that we all don’t have our issues, we do. But molestation (of your own family) and participating in an infidelity site, is no small potatoes.

But more so than anything, I feel for her children, her girls.

She should be setting an example that no one should ever put up with that type of disgrace or pain, over and over again. Everyone should have the right to choose, but choose by identifying if those actions and character are something you want to share with your own kids.

I look at my daughters and I will continue to bend over backwards to make sure that they fight for what they want, always keep learning, and be proud of their accomplishments. Never, would I tell them that they’re not worth it; that a relationship, while not good, is good enough; that they should just deal with the pain if their significant other commits a crime/hurts them emotionally/etc. But allowing that type of behavior is similar to condoning it, and what kind of example is that.

Don’t get me wrong, she may decide it’s best to stay with Josh in the end, and that’s her choice. But I want her to show the girls of today that she is strong enough to stand tall, to take a step back away from Josh, his large, persuasive family, and the media to make up her own decision. I want her to call the shots, not cower in the corner. I want her to push him to take responsibility and if she decides to give him a third (whichever number it is) shot, then it has to be on her terms. More than anything, I want her to tell the world that she is fighting for the life she and her kids deserve to live.

I want our girls of today and tomorrow to know they deserve the right to stand up for themselves, because they’re worth it.

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