Contest Dreams!

I’m so thrilled to be selected on Laura Heffernan’s team for the Nightmare on Query Street contest! Authors were invited to enter and submit a query letter and first 250 words of our books.

All of the authors chosen are paired with mentors to finalize our submissions for the final reveal. I was lucky enough to have Farah Heron as my mentor for Curtain Rising. It has been an amazing experience and I’m so thankful for a different point of view.

On Oct 30-31st, our finals (only our query letter and first 250 words of the book) go live and 25 literary agents will review and request for more pages if they’re interested.

Please send any good thoughts, wishes and prayers if you have any extra 🙂

I will post more for a peek at my final submission when they go live. Stay tuned!
“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” — Babe Ruth

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