What Feels like Forever (with antagonist COVID)

Reflecting on the past ten months, it’s like the never ending story, Groundhog Day, but instead of trying to change our lives, we’re yearning to remember what the old normal was. Simple pleasures of eating at a restaurant, being able to connect with newer friends or new business colleagues in person, and traveling

…oh to travel again!

When people begin to come out of their shells, the landscape may look much differently and the old haunts we love so much may not be around. There are ways to support them, especially with Takeout Tuesday.

Do you have a bucket list? Is the vaccine on one of them? Sadly it seems that this pandemic has become political, but at the end of the day, I think we all want the same things. This past year will inadvertently give us the space to try new things, for life to take on a new meaning or possibly offer up a different path.

My bucket list:

Kids get back to sports (everything is shut down here), EAT IN EVERY RESTAURANT, hug friends, host dinners, work out in a gym, in-person school…our last day in person at school was last spring, get to Thailand since it was cancelled last March, not fearing illness and burn the mask, and travel travel travel!

What’s your bucket list?

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