I’m in it

The Writing Slump (verb): to fall or sink suddenly, to drop or slide down suddenly : COLLAPSE, to assume a drooping posture or carriage : SLOUCH

The writing process is so curious, when creativity decides to run rampant or it’s like nobody is home upstairs. Anyone seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper?

“The next morning, I sent a little probe down into my brain. No surge of brilliance came up to greet me.”


That may have been an excuse to bring up Bradley Cooper…just sayin’.
The movie is great though…

Just like stretching, you have to work yourself to transition your mind into different places.

After getting a lot of interest in this second book from agents with very different and sometimes no feedback, I decided to try a different tactic “for learning sakes.”

I began working with an editor and am still going through the feedback and making edits, more edits. THIS is where I’m stuck. This is my fall, slide or slouch moment. Frankly, it’s harder than brain surgery to take a look at your work so differently. And of course, as a writer or just because it’s me, I strangely enjoy the torture. Don’t get me wrong though, it is torture.

So this is where I’m at…sometimes really stuck and it all these in between places of finding my brilliance. If you find yourself in this space sometimes, I think you can do it. We can do it.


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