No Tragedy in Finding Hope

I love the conversations happening around Selma Blair’s “Good Morning America” interview and her Vanity Fair piece on having MS. She is so courageous to show the raw, unpredictable and scary (generally not even medically understood) parts of the disease. And what comes after…the fear of its impact on your body, your career, and personal life.
As someone that struggled with these same questions when I was diagnosed, I was moved watching her, her struggles, and then to find hope.
Above all, it’s hard to feel lucky when you have a disease, but watching her had me in tears. I do feel lucky for what it’s worth, and I’ll take every one of these years in remission.
Throughout our lives it’ll be our job to decide which way to go at a cross road, sometimes this choice may come several times in our lives. There is opportunity in every new story, and just because it may not match the older version, doesn’t mean it isn’t brimming with hope, love and fulfillment.
It can be whatever you want it to be.
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